Leeds Classic Centre-pin Fishing Reels
The Leeds Classic Centre-Pin Fishing Reel

This Ratchet Drag Trotting Reel gives superior line control and increased 'Playability'

Leeds Classic Center-Pin Trotting Reel The Leeds Classic Centre Pin Reel Background
After many customers asked for an "audible click/drag" ability, we are proud to announce that we can offer anglers an upgraded yet traditional "Leeds Classic" trotting reel. We based the design of our ratchet drag on the proven on/off method used by the vintage Alcocks "Aerial" reel. We have mounted the on/off twist knob for the ratchet on the reel's back-plate close to the saddle casting. Thus it is ideally positioned for fingertip control by the same hand which is also holding the rod. The drag not only helps to tire a fighting fish but also acts as a handy and easy to engage spool check. An angler could tackle-up without the potential nuisance of an unravelling line. The design mounts the pawl on a brass pivot plate by a simple spring-loaded arrangement. The reel and drag can absorb stresses from line jerks and shock loads without damage to the contact faces of either the pawl or ratchet gear resulting in extended unit life. The line sits on large bars which reduces line kinking. All moving parts are designed to resist ingress by grit, dirt and moisture.

Fishing Application
You can trot and fish in the margins with this reel. It has some ledgering capability just in case you have the need to fish the bottom as well. With perfect balance the Leeds Classic will spin smoothly allowing your float to pass through your swim without hindrance. As with all the best center-pin reels, the ratchet drag arrangement keeps the angler in close and continual contact with the fish because of the direct sensing of the line through the fingertips. This also decreases loses as the angler can play and tire the fish with much more finesse than with other reels. This extremely dependable reel can be used by both left and right handed anglers. Suitable for fishing for Chub, Common Carp, Tench, Crucian Carp, Pike, Mirror Carp, Barbel, Grayling.Leeds Classic reel suitable for fishing Chub, Common Carp, Tench, Crucian Carp, Pike, Mirror Carp, Barbel, Grayling

The Leeds Classic Reel Size:
4" (102mm)

Leeds Classic 4" Reel Weight:
9oz (0.25kg) approx


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